If you’re using the Google Pixel 2 XL – and you’re fortunate enough to not be having issues with it – then good for you. Better news still, is that if you want or need root access for your spanking new Pixel 2 XL phablet, it’s now available via Magisk.

Magisk is one of those magical tools that any person who likes to tweak his Android smartphone should have in his arsenal. Of course, your device needs to be supported – and that’s the good news we have for Pixel 2 XL users. Magisk now supports your phone, and root access is at hand.

If you need to root your Pixel 2 XL, you will need to install the Magisk Manager designed specifically for this release. We repeat, both the Magisk build and the Manager app must match – or risk bricking your Pixel 2 XL. Once installed, you can select your stock boot image file and ask for the Magisk Manager app to patch it. Once you flash your patched boot image file, you are done. Voila! Root access!

This was tested on the Pixel 2 XL only, but the developer says that it should work in the Pixel 2 in theory. If you want to test it out, check the source link below.




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