Yesterday Google unveiled the new Android Market and just about as quickly as we all heard the news, it was leaked to the interwebs and we all jumped on it and tested out the new Market. If you’ve yet to try the new market download it here. It brought some exciting new things such as movie and book rentals as well as a fresh new user interface. In case you forgot though, this is a reminder that rooted devices cannot watch rented movies so don’t waste your money.

If you are rooted and rent a movie the purchase will go through, you WILL be charged, and you will be greeted with the above error.

Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices can now rent and watch movies right on their Android phones but sadly many users are getting a screen similar to the image posted above. Thanks to @androidbruce for that shot and for wasting his $3.99 instead of me. Just like when the Motorola Xoom got the movie rental application if you are using a rooted device, you will be able to run the Videos app but won’t be able to play any movies through it.

What that means is you load the app, choose the movie you want and PAY for it, yet you can’t watch it and then you just lost your dollars worth. Again this is only on rooted devices, if you are not rooted you can watch all the movies your heart desires. We did a hands-on review and rented what I’d consider a classic and that was Space Jam. Everything worked great and so far we really love the new Android Market. This was just an update for anyone installing it today that might be rooted.

For now users are being directed to the support forum where you can request a refund. Sadly I wish this wasn’t an issue but I understand they must protect the films from being pirated or whatever else. I have a feeling the developer community will find a work around for this now that everyone will have access to rentals soon.