You might have heard that today Google announced the new Android Market. With a fresh new user interface and the addition of being able to rent and download books, and movies right to your device. It also features a new home page and top picks for an easy way to find the best apps and more. We have the APK for you to download and install if you want to try it NOW.

It looks a little like Windows Phone 7 to me, but I could be crazy (most likely). Either way I’ll keep this short and sweet. We have the APK for you to download. It is really simple you click the link from your mobile phone, download the new Market and just install it like any other application. Easy as can be. Our friend Simms22 was able to get the file, follow him on Google+ here!

Download: New Android Market

— Thanks Simms22


  1. awesome! looks great! Although the link to follow on Google+ isn’t working. I would love an invite though 🙂 

  2. btw, if you have root, you can rent a movie(pay for it) but cant watch it on the phone. youll get a device not supported message. then youll have to request a refund :-

  3. not getting the movie tab on my rooted thunderbolt, which is no suprise really after google announced rooted devices cant watch rented movies. other than that its pretty darn slick

  4. yes im in the u.s. im running das bamf 3.0 rc4. dont really know if that has anything to do with the movie tab not being present. not a big deal since i cant watch them anyway. thanks for the apk though. love the new market!

    • my mistake. movie tab is there. it doesnt say movies like your screenshot does. it just has a banner for a random movie to click on.


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