The RED Hydrogen One was introduced last year as the world’s first holographic media machine. Others taught it was just a concept but it turned out to be real. A prototype was first shown off in a video, ready to make full 4-View holography a reality. Earlier in January, the smartphone was promised to ship by summer but unfortunately, it’s been delayed again. We know the RED Hydrogen One is almost ready soon from Verizon and AT&T. In fact, pre-registration has been up since June.

The RED Hydrogen One boasts of these special features: a 5.7-inch Holographic Screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, modular technology, and a 4-View Video Capture. Enjoy 3D without 3D glasses and record videos in H4V and high-resolution. We know the phone is durable enough with its titanium and aluminum design.

The modular system allows the device to receive snap-on modules that may improve media shooting some more. If you have other Red products used for filmmaking, feel free to use the phone which can work as a monitor or touchscreen display for Red cameras.

The device has reached the FCC which indicates an impending launch. To review the specs, the Red Hydrogen One holographic phone sports the following: a 5.7-inch Holographic display, dual front cameras, NFC, 4510mAh battery, dual rear cameras, dual SIM card support, and a Snapdragon 835 SoC. The phone is priced at $1,195.

Everything sounds ready but sadly, the company is seeing some setbacks in the area of certification. It’s something that can be fixed but it may take a while. No word on when exactly but RED and H4V will do their best to make improvements as quickly as possible.

VIA: PhoneScoop