In case you’re wondering about what happened to the Razer’s acquisition of Nextbit back in January, know that Razer has already put an end to the Nextbit community site. This is sad news for the fans of the startup and the Robin phone but this is important as Nexbit has started to focus on design and mobile experience. The new owner will still be known as Razer and as promised, it will continue to release updates and honor the warranty offered by Nextbit.

The community website now redirects to so you know you can no longer contact Nextbit upfront or even locate its presence on the web. You may discover some 404 pages that don’t redirect at all but don’t be discouraged as major pages are still viewable. Nextbit managed to sell all available Robin phones so the startup’s efforts weren’t  really put in vain.

We’re guessing the Nextbit’s home page is no longer accessible but some inside pages are still there like the updates and some information. In the near future, Nextbit Android phone updates and announcements will be posted on Razer Insider. Just don’t expect some major Nextbit changes to be announced on the old community.

VIA: Android Police


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