All you hyper-avid followers of Android Community and the Android platform in general may already be aware of the Video Chat app Qik. Heading to our Qik portal and you’ll see instantly how much the Qik ecosystem has already penetrated the Android universe – take a look specifically at the news bits surrounding Skype’s acquisition of Qik and the fact that the app shows up out of the box on the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Evo 3D, LG Thrill 4G, and more. What Qik is announcing today is a brand new premium version of their already popular video chat app, available for download or upgrade (if you’ve already got the app) today.

What this new app offers for free for 30 days and $4.99 a month after that is everything you’re used to Qik Video doing plus a list of upgraded options. The first upgrade addition is Qik Desktop. While before you were able to grab videos via your Qik cloud on the web, you’re now able to use this new software to access your videos “cord free” and keep them on your own personal server, external storage, or wherever you want. Next there’s Anytime video mail – while non-premium users may now receive video mail from their Qik Premium friends, only Premium users can now send and receive Qik video mail.

The third and arguably most valuable bit of this equation is Unlimited video downloads and storage. Upload em all then download em all, all day long. Next there’s Gallery uploads – straight from your non-Qik gallery you can upload all your videos to your Qik cloud. HD and 3D video recording are now supported, you and Qik now able to both record and share videos that are both HD and 3D – device permitting, of course. Qik Premium also affords you, lastly, a dedicated email address for priority support should you want it – thusly Qik is selling you a premium experience here. Will you bite?

Have a look at a brand new video filmed by Skype with Qik on this new set of abilities: