Google Project Fi Android app

What better way to celebrate and present your latest project than by introducing an app? Google wasted no time in launching the Project Fi app for Android with the aim of providing new subscribers a better wireless experience. The wireless service which we’ve been anticipating since last year was finally launched last week. Most of the leaked information, including the name of the project, turned out to be true. What we didn’t expect though was the fact that it’s an invite-only service, at least, for now.

Google wants more people in the United States have the best quality connection so it partnered with leading carriers like T-Mobile and another company plus some hardware makers to enhance communication across devices and networks. If there’s an open WiFi network, Project Fi will automatically switch to that so no need to use your mobile data plan.

This experimental wireless service comes with a new Android app that allows users to do several things on their Project Fi services: activate service, manage account and settings, see monthly statements, check data usage, and connect with support any time of the day. Anything you need about your Project Fi account, just access the app.

Project Fi users are provided an easy and convenient way to manage their new accounts. It’s sort of exclusive right now because the service is invite-only but we’re expecting more will be given access soon. If you wish to try Project Fi, sign up on Project Fi and request for an official invitation.

Download Project Fi for Google from the Google Play Store



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