Wireless charging is relatively a new technology. It’s slowly becoming a standard in smartphones but we have a feeling it will be more popular this year. Many wireless chargers and charging pads were introduced the past few years like the Mophie powerstation mini, and the Satechi Wireless Charging Pad, OvRcharge. We know more will come and just this week, we learned about the Avido WiBa wireless charging dock.

The technology isn’t perfect yet. There are several wireless standards and OEMs that use different specs and requirements. Usually, a mobile device will only work with a compatible charger. That’s okay but for the wireless charging tech to become more widely used, there must be a system that works for most gadgets. In this regard, Powermat enters the charging game by coming up with Charging Spot 4.0–a new wireless charger that makes use of SmartInductive technology. It’s a new platform that can charge almost all mobile devices wirelessly on any surface.

Making this SmartInductive technology a winner is the fact that it works with most wireless standards. Name it: Qi, Apple 7.5W, and AFA inductive among others. It’s not just for smartphones. The Charging Spot 4.0 can charge tablets, laptops, and smartwatches. We believe this new platform will take off because it’s from Powermat. The latter has been a name known in the power and charging business so it really knows the technology.

Powermat aims to bring wireless charging in public venues with this SmartInductive. The company can do so as it is easy to install, is cost-effective, and is future-proof. Business establishments can use the Charging Spot with SmartInductive technology as another marketing strategy. Many people always look for shops with charging stations so this Charging Spot may be helpful.

SOURCE: Powermat


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