Powerbanks are already a necessity when it comes to using our mobile devices and there are tons of different brands and products out there. What makes this new one from Avido called WiBa stand out is that it is not just a 100% wireless power bank but it is also an all-in-one charging dock for your devices that are Qi-enabled. It brings both the portability of having a power bank and also the convenience of wireless charging everything (well at least those that are compatible).

What’s pretty cool about it is that you can wirelessly charge the powerbank by placing it on top of the charging dock and it will immediately start charging. Then you place your Qi-enabled device on top of the powerbank and your gadget will start charging as well. Then when you need to leave the house already, just use your by now juiced up powerbank if you still need to charge, and all is right with your digital world, at least battery-wise. The powerbank if fully powered up gives you 5000mAh worth of charges.

The WiBa also comes with two slim metal plates (in black and white colors) so that your phone will not slide off since it will be magnetically attached to the power bank. But if your phone has a case, the wireless charging will only work if you have a slim one and if it supports passthrough charging. There are some devices like the LG G6 and the Droid 2 Turbo that locks the screen if they detect magnets so you probably won’t be able to use your phone while charging it.

The WiBa is of course a bit more expensive than most powerbanks given its wireless charging capabilities. It will cost around $99.95. It will be showcased at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas next week. You can now sign up to get notified if it’s already available for purchase.



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