When you’re looking for a wireless charger for your device, the first thing you probably think of is whether or not it will levitate your smartphone. No? Well, if you ever did think of it, the folks over at AR Designs will actually make your dream come true. OvRcharge does make your gadget float (well, sort of) while at the same time actually power it up. It is now trying to raise enough money on Kickstarter to start production for this “magical” device that would look pretty cool on your desk.

Obviously, there really isn’t any voodoo magic involved in this product to make your smartphone levitate. It is made up of two components: the wood charging base which receives your electricity and a special phone case that has an induction receiver and a magnet. The latter is actually very thin, thus adding to the magic of the levitation process. The device can work with devices of up to 600 grams if you want them to levitate. This means, even tablets can get in on the floating action.


Once your device is fully charged, the charing will actually stop but the levitation can still continue if you want to. Of course there are a lot of various phones available so they will not be able to make cases for all of them. If your device isn’t one of the more popular ones, then you can use a third-party attachment that should attach to your existing phone case. The regular model measures 140mm x 33mm x 140mm and with 500mAh output while the Ultra model is 170mm x 35mm x 170mm and has a 700mAh output.


They are almost halfway toward their goal of $40,000 CAD and there are still 19 days to go before the campaign ends. You would have to donate $209 CAD in order to own one of these babies. The OvRcharge will come in dark, walnut, or cherry wood varieties.

SOURCE: Kickstarter