Stop the presses! there’s a JPEG floating around in the same vicinity as the words “Nexus” and “Tablet”! Everybody commence hooting and/or hollering! PocketNow has posted a photo of what’s purported to be the much-anticipated “Nexus Tablet”, rumored for months and expected to come sometime this summer from manufacturer ASUS. The photo shows a generic Ice Cream Sandwich tablet from all angles except the back, with only official ICS anf Google apps displayed on the stock launcher. In addition to the standard buttons and an ASUS/Samsung-style tablet port, there’s a MicroUSB port, standard USB port, SIM card slot and what looks like a full-sized SD card slot.

Let’s be frank, shall we? With an hour of free time and a few press shots from a Galaxy Tab and a smattering of other Android tablets, I could remake this image in Photoshop with pixel-perfect accuracy. That and the lack of a source in PocketNow’s story lead me to be highly suspicious of this render. That doesn’t mean that it’s a fake, it just doesn’t present any compelling evidence that it’s real. There are a few inconsistencies in the image: it uses the odd combination of power and volume buttons on the top (portrait) with a docking port and camera on either side (landscape). Also note that Android Market icon is still present, despite the Google Play Store replacing it a month ago.

With all the rumors flying around Google is probably planning something to do with tablets, but we still haven’t seen any rock-solid evidence that the “Nexus Tablet” is on its way, from ASUS or anyone else. If such a device is coming, Google’s I/O conference in June would seem like the likely place to unveil it. A cheap, reliable and most importantly stock Android device would be a compelling entry into the market in the face of the iPad and Kindle Fire, but as far as this tablet goes, there’s still nothing written in stone.

UPDATE: Android Community editor Cory Gunther pointed out that the above render bears a striking resemblance to the Toshiba 7.7-inch Tegra 3 tablet we saw at CES. It’s not identical, but it’s close, and the original device was labelled as a prototype. Check out our hands-on coverage here.


  1. so INCREDIBLY fake…and ugly to be fake.
    why is there like 15cm of bezel to each side??
    also, no front camera
    and last but not least, are they TRYING to be sued by Apple with that design?
    god…so many wrongs here…I’m not even sure that the person who did this “render” is more capable than a monkey with a typewritter

  2. They clearly took the Apple dock connector and the volume toggle to pass them off as speakers, a bunch of other ports from other similar devices, and tried to pass it off as real.  This wasn’t even worth the “leak”.

  3. This is nothing more than a moc-up based on the production moc up of the Asus M370t that was shown at CES earlier this year.  Perhaps that with a little Transformer prime thrown in.  The basic shape and metal frame is almost exactly that of the M370t mock up.  The 40-pin connector is the same that is used on the transformer prime and located in the same place.  the same is true of the speaker holes (unless those are keyboard dock connectors which on the prime are located in the exact same place.  The only differences of not are that the power button and volume rocker on this rendering are actually metal finished and located inside the metal bezel (they were plastic and just below the bezel in the M370t mock-up), and the extra ports that are included on the other side were not included in the original mock up.  To be honest I’m kind of surprised that they would be including so many ports in this thing (outside of the mic/headphone combo port and an SD card slot) and still trying to keep such a small profile and low price – especially when most people will never use some of the extra ports.  I agree with most of the comments that say this is nothing more than a rendering and probably an incorrect one.  It is definitely based on prior Asus mock-ups and products though.

      • – 40-pin connector (instead of MUSB) along the bottom landscape edge (same as in the Prime).

        – what look like either speakers or dock connectors at either side of the 40-pin connector (exact same set up for the prime’s dock connectors)

        – volume rocker on the to left hand edge of the case.  Power button on the top left hand edge of the case (albeit on the prime, power is on the upper edge of the corner while here it is no the side edge).

        Like I said, a little bit thrown in. Never said it was patterned after the prime.


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