The third weekend of our Pokémon hunt is over. We’re not telling how many we’ve caught and in what locations exactly but expect to receive more help in the coming days as more developers and startups are joining the bandwagon. Numerous companies have already launched their own Pokémon GO-related apps, riding on its popularity. And so while it’s hot, there’s the PokéDates app to help you find a date, RazerGO chat app, and the Pokedex case and powerbank. Sadly, others have already abused the trend by launching fake apps targeting Pokémon GO users.

To further advance our gameplay and augmented reality experience is this PokéTracker. Finally, an app that will tell you where all the pocket monsters are– this and that Google Maps hack we featured last week. Some people say that seeing Google Maps is not exactly a good thing but this PokéTracker will help you find those little monsters hiding near you in real time. It’s something that will have you running and rushing to a target location.

This app tracker delivers live Pokemon locations and sends you alerts when a pokemon is near where you are. This app will definitely have you catching all the monsters because you won’t have to miss one ever again.

Aside from sending notifications, PokéTracker lets you know when a pokemon expires. App takes advantage of GPS Tracking and it allows you to manually choose different locations so you’ll know where there are more pokemon to catch.

Download PokéTracker from the Google Play Store