If you’re a diehard Pokemon Go user (as if there are any other kinds), you probably would want to catch as many Pokécoins, Pokéballs or Lucky Eggs as you can, even through “nefarious” means. And for those users who are not careful (also, desperate), you might get roped into downloading third-party apps that promise you things, but of course in the end, you get duped or phished. ESET, a mobile security company, said they were able to detect at least three apps of that nature: Pokemon Go Ultimate, Guides and Cheats for Pokemon Go, and Install Pokemongo.

Fortunately, these apps have already been removed from the Google Play due to their recommendation. However, each of the apps already had hundreds-thousands of downloads, but hopefully, there are no irreversible damages caused by any of the three. The worst offender is the Pokemon Go Ultimate which closely resembles the actual game, but it actually does something far more malicious. It causes your screen to freeze, so of course your first instinct is to restart your device. But once you do, it will run in the background and silently clicks on porn ads. You would need to manually uninstall it through Settings -> Application manager -> PI Network.

Guides and Cheats for Pokemon Go, and Install Pokemongo meanwhile are examples of what they call “scareware” as they are able to lure victims into paying for things that you really won’t need if you’re playing the game. And these aren’t just inexpensive buys but rather “expensive bogus service”. These three fake apps were able to generate between 100-50,000 downloads in the short time that they were up.

Because so many people are downloading and playing Pokemon Go, you can probably expect more fake apps like these to pop out of the woodwork. So the lesson here is to download apps only from reputable sources (and read up what are those reputable ones) and also have mobile security programs installed in your device. Better yet, just download the official Pokemon Go app itself and nothing else related to it.