We talked about the Pokemon GO Plus accessory a couple of days back. Apparently, the wristband/fitness device-like accessory for Nintendo and Niantic’s big Pokemon GO augmented reality game went up for pre-order over at Amazon earlier than expected. There must have been a mistake somewhere because the item is now again de-listed from the online retail store.

If you’re not familiar with the Pokemon GO Plus, it is an accessory for the upcoming Pokemon GO game and is set to probably be one of the hottest selling gadgets this year. You can use the device within the game, catching wild Pokemon, being alerted to in-game notifications, collecting game items and all those cool stuff, without even opening up your phone screen. All that will be available for you for the price of USD$35.00.


Now, the accessory is set to launch around July, and most people are hoping that the game will launch around that time too. The item went up for pre-order a couple of days ago over Amazon. Whether overwhelmed by the number of pre-orders or if it was a legitimate mistake, we will never know, because now it’s back to being “unavailable”.

Did you pre-order the Pokemon GO Plus accessory? Were you able to get your order to go through? If so, give us a shoutout in the comments section.

SOURCE: Amazon