Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure

It’s rolling out! Buddy Adventure, that is! The Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure was officially announced a couple of days ago and now trainers are hearing greater news that the feature is ready. Only Trainers level 2 and above can enjoy the Buddy Adventure but we’re looking forward to old players coming back to play again. This special treat for trainers will surely have you visiting the augmented reality more often than before. The rollout is complete which means wherever you are in the world, you can see your Pokemon Buddy and do many activities with it.

Note this is different from the Buddy Pokemon introduced back in 2016. Buddy Adventure is like having your Tamagotchi but this time, you have your own Pokemon. Your favorite monster could be with you now all day, all night. It doesn’t have to fight battles for you. Just treat it as your buddy.

The Pokemon GO Team definitely has more plans for the Pokemon fans. The Buddy Adventure comes just after we learned about the Pokemon GO Evolution Event and Raid Day this month. It lets you grow a little monster and explore the AR world further.

As we noted before, you can swap your Pokemon buddy but it’s not recommended. We want you to stay loyal as it can be your busy buddy forever, no matter what happens. It’s only AR but we know how it can be overwhelming.

Your Pokemon will stick with you through thick and thin. Just make sure you feed it. Swapping is possible but we don’t recommend it. Stay loyal to your friend. Make sure you are beside your Pokemon as it grows and goes with you on a wonderful journey–even is it’s just augmented reality.


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