Niantic Labs and the Pokemon GO team have more in store for the fans. Aside from the Pokemon GO Evolution Event and Raid Day this month, we’ve got news that the Buddy Adventure is coming soon. Just when you think there’s nothing else new you can do with your Pokemon friends, here comes the Pokémon GO Buddy Adventures. It’s another way to explore and grow a little monster. Again, it’s like having your own “buddy”, only it lives in the AR world.

Your Buddy Pokemon is waiting for you. This new feature will have you exploring the world with your buddy. Wherever you go, Pikachu or Squirtle will be there. It’s like having a “real” friend but hey, it’s just AR, okay?

Trainers and buddies can do more bonding experience with the Buddy Adventure. The more you spend time together, the more you will know your buddy’s mood, likes, and dislikes. Battle and explore with and feed your buddy treats. It’s like having your Tamagotchi again.

Your Pokemon will stick with you through thick and thin. Just make sure you feed it. Swapping is possible but we don’t recommend it. Stay loyal to your friend. Make sure you are beside your Pokemon as it grows and goes with you on a wonderful journey–even is it’s just augmented reality.

Pokemon GO’s Buddy Adventure feature will be available next year. Trainers around the world can get to experience more fun with their buddies sooner than soon. So, who’s going to be your Pokemon Buddy?


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