SideSqueeze App

Your Galaxy phone or Pixel 5 is getting an important update: the squeeze action for the Google Assistant. Well, it is not really an official update from the Google developers but via a new mobile app known as SideSqueeze+. Someone has shared the good news over on reddit. He said that the app works really well. It doesn’t even need the phone to be rooted as it will work immediately to allow your phone to do the side squeeze action.

This particular function isn’t just to launch the Google Assistant. You can actually customize it to launch other apps or do other functions. It also allows for S-Pen gestures.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store. It still is in the early access stage so download and use it at your own risk. The app is in development so it may be unstable. Google will immediately tell you if the app is incompatible with your device.

Check out the app in action:

Be default, the Pixel 5 doesn’t have squeeze for Google Assistant. The tech giant removed it from the new Pixel phone. It’s been around for several years now. It may remind you of the squeezable side edges of an old HTC phone. In Android 10, squeeze remapping was added.

We remember this SideSqueeze app from a couple of years ago but we have access to the newer version. If you’ve used a version of the app before, how’s it different from the new app?