Pebble released the updated SDK not all that long ago and since then we have seen a few goodies. That updated SDK brought the functionality necessary to create apps such as the Pebble Ringer, which we took a look at yesterday. More important for today though, the folks at Pebble have released a firmware update that has brought new features to include multiple notifications.

We have only recently updated our Pebble, however we can already say this is a big improvement. When multiple notifications arrive you still scroll down using the bottom button on the right side of the watch, but thanks to the update you will be able to scroll from message to message. Furthermore, the amount of notifications will be show towards the top in the form of small circles.

Aside from the multiple notifications, this Pebble update (which is firmware v1.11) brings improvements to the Set Time UI as well as a swap of the next and previous track buttons in the music application. This update has also added the Simplicity watchface and removed the Fuzzy Time watchface (though Fuzzy Time is still available for download from the watch app library). Those using the Pebble with RunKeeper will also have the option to swap the pace for your current speed.

While the new additions and changes were nice to see, the folks at Pebble also took care of some bugs. The list of bug fixes includes the following items;

  • Fixed a few issues where the bluetooth module would consume too much power.
  • Fixed an issue where rounded rects drawn with graphics_fill_rect did not handle being clipped properly.
  • Sped up text rendering when some of the text layer is clipped off the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the vibrating motor would get stuck on.
  • Fixed a crash when changing windows, most commonly seen in the set time and set alarm UIs.
  • Fixed an issue where SMS messages on iOS would be incorrectly shown as an email with a very long subject line.

Those looking to update their Pebble will need to do so by way of the smartphone app. You can launch the app and then from the menu choose “Check For FW Update.” From this point you tap the “Update Now” button and let the update download and install. You will receive the “hello” message on your wrist once the update has been properly installed. You can take a look at the beginning steps in the images below.


Moving past this update and there was also some news in terms of colors. According to Pebble, the orange and grey watches are just about ready. The orange production has been completed and they have already begun shipping out. The grey models are currently in production and the first batch will be shipping next week. Finally, the white models are up next and production is expected to begin next week.

SOURCE: Pebble, Kickstarter