RunKeeper became the first confirmed Pebble app a little more than a year ago and while news on that front has been a bit quiet, there is a bit of news for those who may have been waiting. In short, the RunKeeper Android app has been updated and it has brought support for the Pebble smartwatch.

The Pebble support comes along with RunKeeper version 3.3 and in addition, there are a few other features that have been added. The Pebble support is on the simpler side, here you basically have a secondary display that will show your current RunKeeper stats. Basically, you can now look towards your wrist to see the pertinent data from your run (or other exercise session) as opposed to having to look at your smartphone.

Shifting away from the Pebble and we also have talk of widgets and easier data entry for select details. Those select details include your weight and entry of indoor (non-GPS) activities. When entering details manually, you will see a popup that has the option to choose Indoor Activity or Your Weight.

The other addition here was the widgets. RunKeeper v3.3 is now sporting a homescreen and a lock screen widget. These widgets should make it a bit easier to see your current progress (to include time, distance and average pace) without having to fully unlock your smartphone. Of course, the lock screen widgets may not be as important to those rocking a Pebble. As one would expect, the latest RunKeeper app update can be found in the Google Play Store.

[via RunKeeper Blog]