Perhaps the most popular action camera today is the GoPro. It has several contenders in the category like the Xiaomi YI Action Camera, Sioeye Iris 4G camera, and even the Polaroid XS100i. We’ve been saying that camera technology is quickly changing for the better but honestly, it’s kind of challenging to keep up with them. Over a year ago, DJI tried to enter the game with the Osmo handheld camera which was probably the first handheld 4K camera for consumers.


We have no idea how many units were sold by the company but it’s trying once again with the Osmo Mobile. It’s not another standalone smart motion camera but it can turn your current phone into one powerful cam. It’s a special accessory that works as a monopod and more. It’s like a selfie stick but with the added functions and features like the ActiveTrack technology, 3-axis gimbal system, full manual camera control, and camera stabilization.

Osmo Mobile works with a companion DJI GO app that lets the user capture better photos and videos, take panoramic images, and stabilize them when needed. You can mount the Osmo Mobile anywhere so you can take the best shots. It can move the phone for you when you need to take the perfect panorama, or keep the camera focused on you.

This Osmo Mobile already works with the DJI Go but developers are also encouraged to make their own compatible apps with the accessory. DJI simply made the Osmo camera into a simpler idea–as an accessory that you can use to hold your current phone. It’s cheaper at $299. If you want it with the Base it’s $309 or with the Tripod plus Extension Rod, it’s going to be $409.

SOURCE: Osmo Mobile