So aside from the rumored Linux-OS laptop, Xiaomi has more in store for gadget town. It’s something we already knew way back at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but it’s only now that the product has appeared on Amazon. We’re not sure if it’s available anywhere else but we’re sure glad that it’s now ready for shipping, at least, in the United Staes.

The YI Camera is another proof that Xiaomi is serious about venturing into other businesses aside from smartphones. We can also consider it as another GoPro alternative since that one is a bit expensive for a compact camera. Xiaomi’s Yi camera is action-ready for only $99.95 which isn’t really far behind the $130 entry-level GoPro. Actually, the price on Amazon is more than the $64 price tag initially announced. We don’t know what happened there but it’s good enough if you want something to use during your rough, outdoor adventures.

The YI Action Camera is available through Amazon Exclusives. It’s a US limited release which is ready to shoot impressive 1080p60 HD videos and capture 16 megapixel cameras. It comes equipped with Ambarella A7LS & Sony sensor, 155º ultra-wide angle lens for panoramic shots, Bluetooth connectivity, and a microphone. The YI cam features a microSD card slot but the 32GB on-board storage should be enough. The rechargeable 1100 mAh battery can make the camera last for up to 90 minutes of continuous usage.

Xiaomi’s YI camera can also be controlled from your smartphone. It also allows video streaming so you can share your adventures to your family and friends in real time. Other features include four photo modes, 11 video modes, motion compensation and blur reduction, 3D noise reduction, and image stabilization. Also available in lime color.

SOURCE: Amazon