Live streaming is a totally legit thing these days, and so you need legit equipment to get you on that specific bandwagon. The Sioeye Iris 4G camera is a small camera that will let you achieve just that. It’s no bigger than your usual action cameras, but it will live stream your events at a push of a button, provided it has network connectivity, of course.


So what is it, really? Well, The Sioeye Iris 4G is a camera that runs Android on the inside. With that, it is able to connect to any 4G LTE network in the US, provided that you insert microSIM to it. Coupled with a Sioeye app installed on your phone, you can instantly notify you have a live broadcast going on. The app will automatically post a viewable link on Twitter and Facebook, which gives viewers a 480p stream of whatever it is you’re capturing.


Of course, it’s also a good action camera. You get a high-performance six-lens camera, f2.8 aperture with a configurable 150-degree field of view that shoots high quality 4K video, slow-motion, still photos, burst photos, and time lapse from a compact and lightweight camera body. It also comes with a protective case that makes it waterproof up to 197 feet.


Incidentally, we’ve heard that Sioeye has tied up a deal with T-Mobile that allows you to buy the Sioeye Iris 4G at USD$429 with a T-Mobile 4G LTE microSIM pre-installed. Users can self-activate the SIM and you get 5GB of data which Sioeye says is good for 10 hours of live streaming.