The OPPO Find X3 series was officially launched in March. The new phone lineup made an impression with the displays as they were calibrated by Pixelworks. We haven’t heard anything new about the OPPO Find X3 phones until over the weekend. The devices are getting updates so they are ready with new features and optimizations. As for the official promise, instead of just two years of updates, OPPO will be releasing security updates up to three years. We’re talking about major OS releases and security patches so that’s good news for OPPO phone users.

All three OPPO Find X3 models will get updates longer than originally planned. The promise is extended for the Oppo Find X3 Neo, Oppo Find X3 Pro, and the Oppo Find X3 Lite. After Android 11, the phones can also get Android 12 and maybe Android 13 if hardware requirements are still supported.

As per our source, another extension may be done. So from two years to three years, OPPO may still extend to four years. It may not include the major Android OS but the security updates which are good enough. They can keep the phones safe and secure from possible vulnerabilities.

Security updates from OPPO will be released every month. That is the initial promise and we’re crossing our fingers the OEM will be able to do that. Just recently, we learned that Android 11 updates for Nokia phones have been delayed. Hopefully, the same won’t happen to OPPO.

OPPO is doing well now in the global smartphone market, coming after Xiaomi. It has overtaken Huawei already so the company needs to improve in all aspects especially after-sales service.