Ad blocking is not just a fad. It’s a necessity especially in this day and age where big and small companies and developers are becoming more aggressive when it comes to marketing their apps, games, products, and services even if they have nothing to do with mobile experience. That is why ad blockers are in demand. We’ve tried only a few including the Netguard, and AdBlock, Adblock Fast. Some apps have included ad blocking features too like Link Bubble and Spam Blocker Smart.

Just last month, we mentioned that the Opera for computers and Opera Mini were integrated with ad blocker. The company recently made some more improvements. The Opera Android mobile browser now comes with a built-in blocker. This isn’t only for the mobile apps as even the desktop versions for different operating systems have the feature.

If you want an ad-free web browsing, use Opera and take advantage of the free ad blocker. This is another way to tell you that Opera is a great alternative to the other web browsers like Chrome. According to Opera, Google’s browser is slower by 14% compared to Opera with the ad blocking feature enabled. Some tests were done to prove that Opera is indeed faster than Chrome.

Opera Ad blocker 1

Opera’s ad blocker feature is also accompanied by a data compression technology. Because data are compressed and ads are removed, the result is faster loading and more data savings. No need to use another ad blocker app because Opera has such feature built-in already.

To enable the ad blocking feature on Opera for Android, click on the “O” menu you see in the mobile browser. Choose settings and data savings and select “block ads”. The ad blocker is now activated.