Ad blockers are very much needed today. There are too many apps available on the Play Store that it can be a challenge to choose just one that is reliable and will work on your Android phone as more ads continue to be published and annoy. Rocketship Apps released the Adblock Fast to work on the Samsung Internet Browser. The app is also available for Opera and Chrome browsers for Android.

The Adblock Fast app blocks ads they way most blockers do the job but the devs boast that using this tool makes webpage loading fast by 51%. Their benchmarks prove it but you have to see if for yourself. It takes advantage of the usual standard seven optimized filtering rules to block ads in Android.

Ads about to pop up on Samsung Internet browser are blocked by Adblock Fast. Just make sure the Samsung browser app is updated to the latest version or at least 4.0 as minimum requirement–running on an Android 5.0 Lollipop device. The browser is available on Android phones and is actually the default browser on Samsung devices.

You can download Adblock Fast directly from the Play Store. Go to ‘Help’ to enable ad blocking. Simply follow the instructions. Click the Adblock Fast button if you want to unblock ads.

Remember that using Adblock Fast on your Samsung browser will speed up page loading time as shown off in the GIF image below:

Download Adblock Fast from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Rocketship