While we’re probably used to using the bigger browser names out there like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (just kidding. Or we use it to download Chrome or Firefox), there is of course room for the smaller players to try to make their name. One of those that have captured an impressive market segment is Link Bubble. And now the latest update to the app improves security and protection while browsing through ad blocking, tracking protection, among other things.

If you’re constantly annoyed by those pesky ads that pop out from your browser, you’ll be glad to know that Ad Browser is now part of Link Bubble’s service for its consumers. Just go to the settings menu and turn it on. Not only will you avoid looking at ads that have no relevant to you whatsoever, but you will also be able to save some of your data in the process.

You can also now have tracking protection when you use Link Bubble so that whatever you’re browsing for (we won’t judge!) can be for your eyes only and cannot be tracked by any other app. Link Bubble also now has HTTPS Everywhere so that most of the websites you visit are encrypted so your browsing is more secure.

Some people on a Reddit thread were saying that Google sometimes removes or suspends apps that have ad blockers. But so far, there are no problems with Link Bubble and it is still alive. So update it if you have it already and if you don’t, you can download it from the Google Play Store for free.