oneplus two

OnePlus seems to be more aggressive these days. Hoping to bring the best Android smartphone in the market, the company has recently announced its plans to release the next One handset. In Reddit AMA session, Carl Pei, OnePlus Director of Global, mentioned something about the ‘Two’ coming out late in 2015.

Details are scarce but Pei said the OnePlus Two might be smaller in form. We can expect great specs once again since the current OnePlus One has been impressing a lot of Android fans. The phone is still without any kinks but it is said to be one of the best Android smartphones today, thanks to the spec sheet and the low price. It’s been getting a number of updates since its official release last June and after being delayed. Some issues are still there but the team behind the phone is always quick to release fixes for the reported touchscreen issues and a CM11S 300 update. The phone even got its own Stock Android ROM.

OnePlus must be doing really good. What I like about the company is that it’s honest enough to admit mistakes and own up to them. It recently stopped production of the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover because removal of the back cover is a bit tricky. OnePlus is also determined to improve ordering system for the phones that is why a pre-order system is in the works and will be online this month.

There are more errors and issues that need to be fixed though. OnePlus needs to work on them first before the second major device is release. Because if they don’t, people will no longer be interested in a company that doesn’t address the issues. Some of the items that came up during the AMA session over at Reddit were about the customer service, local repairs for the touchscreen, poor headphone audio quality, possible rooting, and demand for a mini versions among others. We’ll see how this ‘Two’ will be better than the ‘One’ soon enough….

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SOURCE: Reddit