OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover

Bamboo-covered phones and cases are not exactly new. In fact, we’ve seen a bamboo-backed Moto X last year and a bamboo case for the Nexus 7. How about the ADzero phone with a bamboo back from a couple of years ago? This year, we’re anticipating the arrival of OnePlus One Bamboo cover but it quickly went out of stock when it was first released.

Looks like bamboo has a lot of fans and OnePlus One owners were promised that Bamboo StyleSwap covers will be released. Unfortunately, the OnePlus team had to make a complicated decision to stop production of StyleSwap covers for many reasons. For one, removal of the back cover is a bit tricky so switching covers can be a challenge.

OnePlus noted that their phone covers were an “ambitious and innovative concept” but now the company is stopping production covers for the OnePlus One. According to OnePlus Forum Administrator Carl, they “aren’t comfortable mass releasing a product that does not offer the best user experience”.

That’s brave of OnePlus to admit a mistake so much respect for the team. They’ve got a few Bamboo covers already produced and they plan on selling them as limited edition. OnePlus also said it will be providing instructions on how to properly replace the $49 cover without damaging the phone, battery, and the cover itself.