The OnePlus One was one of the phones of 2014, simply because it managed to marry top-of-the-line specs with a sub-USD$300 price point. Never mind the roundabout way of actually owning one, for those who got their hands on a OnePlus One smartphone, they will surely say that they got the deal of the year. Now, OnePlus has to maneuver through the tricky waters of following it up with an equally great deal for the OnePlus 2 (that’s what they’re calling it) – but it seems that we have to wait a while to see it.

Apart from changing the naming convention to numerical form, OnePlus still wants to follow up its initial success with an equally successful – if not, better – device. A couple of things will be be interesting to see here, that the OnePlus 2 might not come with CyanogenMod software, and that the device will be sure to ride on the 64-bit hype by utilizing the “chosen” processor of the year, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. But there in that choice lies the problem.


Samsung has apparently run into overheating issues with the new Qualcomm processor, forcing it to probably go for its own less capable Exynos processors for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 if the issues are not fixed. LG on the othe hand, already committed to market with the G Flex 2 sporting the same processor, says that there are no issues at all. We’ll see that in a few weeks when people start getting LG’s curvy new baby in their hands.

All that said, OnePlus will bide its time and hope that the issues get resolved soon. This will also give them time to figure out the software debacle – what software will the OnePlus 2 come out with if Cyanogen is now out of the picture? We will have to wait later into the year to find out what OnePlus actually decides on, so watch this space.

VIA: Forbes