Right on the dot, OnePlus has revealed the availability of the first “textured” StyleSwap cover for the still elusive OnePlus One smartphone. Of course, that depends on how you define “availability”, as this unique wooden cover is currently marked as out of stock, making it pretty much like the smartphone itself: unavailable.

OnePlus promised a lot, and to be fair, it has delivered on them to some extent. The OnePlus One was indeed a premium smartphone with an affordable price tag, which could explain the sustained interest in the device despite being near impossible to acquire. Before launch, OnePlus already promised that there will various StyleSwap covers of varying textures, including wood, something Motorola also provides for the Moto X. Today, OnePlus made true its word and the first, or maybe even only, wood cover has been revealed as Bamboo.

Environmentalists might feel a bit aghast at the idea of using bamboo as a smartphone cover, but those who like their devices to be truly unique and personal might find this offer quite attractive. And unique it will be as OnePlus promises each cover is one of a kind thanks to an almost endless combination of bamboo fibers, nodes, and colors. OnePlus claims that no two Bamboo covers in the world will be the same. It does indeed look professionally crafted and might attract a few glances. OnePlus amusingly even made a trailer just for the cover alone.

The OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap cover costs $49, though, as mentioned it is currently out of stock. OnePlus has apparently taken a regular approach to manufacturing and selling these covers, unlike the per-order system of the Moto Maker. Considering that there are comparatively few OnePlus Ones out in the world, it wouldn’t be hard to keep up with orders. That said, as interesting and beautiful as this bamboo cover might be, with the OnePlus One still unavailable for retail, it will remain just a taunting photo in our web browsers. OnePlus better be careful that it doesn’t let the window of opportunity pass by, that is, if it actually has any plans of selling the smartphone the old fashioned way at all.

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