It has not been a good few months for OnePlus, since the recent launch of their new flagship – the OnePlus 5. We’ve had people complain of a “jelly scrolling” issue, and then the OnePlus 5 randomly reboots when dialing the 911 emergency number. The latter issue has since been fixed with an update, but OnePlus wanted to be clear on what caused the issue.

OnePlus posted in their forums that the 911 rebooting issue was related to the modem memory usage that triggers a reboot. That said, it was definitely a hardware side issue, but we should be thankful that it was solved by a software update. According to OnePlus, “This reboot was a random occurrence for some users on VoLTE network where OTDOA protocol was triggered when placing an emergency call. We have worked with our partners at Qualcomm to resolve this issue globally.

The company also clarified that these were random occurences, possibly only to users who were on a VoLTE network when dialing 911. An update was immediately rolled out to resolve the issue. Many users pointed out that this had to be a Qualcomm issue since it happened on other phones as well.

Now if only OnePlus 5 users can get any traction on the “jelly scrolling” issue, then things would be better. As it is, OnePlus is sticking to the party line that the scrolling issue was visual and natural.