OnePlus says it’s “time for change”, new phone might be announced June 1

After spotting what's believed to be the OnePlus Two benchmarked on Geekbench, here comes OnePlus teasing something on Twitter. The company posted a hint about a device that could "shake up the tech industry". The OnePlus team says it's time for change so we could expect a new phone, possibly the OnePlus Two after all it's been tipped already and we heard that OnePlus is planning to release two smartphones this year.

Cyanogen pulls out OnePlus touchscreen fix due to battery drain

They created a fix to an annoying problem, only to have that fix create another possibly more annoying problem. That is the situation that some OnePlus One users are experiencing, as a fix to the device's touchscreen issues has been pulled out because it has been causing excessive battery drain once it has been installed. Cyanogen says they are already working on creating an actual solution that will not cause further damage.

OnePlus One gets another touchscreen firmware update

OnePlus surprised the mobile industry by introducing OnePlus One that ended up as one of the top and most popular smartphones in 2014. It was initially offered by invitation only but the company recently made it available for everyone. The brand even went through some challenges and legal battles the past months especially in India, no thanks to Cyanogen making an exclusive contract with Micromax despite an earlier agreement with OnePlus. So the two tech companies went head-to-head in India but good thing that chapter is almost over.

OnePlus ready to deal with touchscreen issues, firmware update soon

According to OnePlus, there was a sharp increase in users experiencing touchscreen issues in the past few days. This has caused a minor uproar in the always active OnePlus forums. There might just be a few owners of the OnePlus One compared to other brands, but they sure know how to make themselves heard. Good thing OnePlus knows how listen to their users.

OnePlus ends legal battles in India, Cyanogen to continue support

If you remember last year, China-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus got itself into a sticky situation with primary software partner Cyanogen over business actions in the sub-continent of India. As you may know, India is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world, and everybody wants a piece of the pie – even Cyanogen and OnePlus. The year of 2014 ended with OnePlus and Cyanogen, plus Cyanogen’s India-based partner Micromaxx, in a legal scuffle. OnePlus just released what seems like good news today that their legal troubles in India are over.

OnePlus One system update rolling out now

If you are a user of the OnePlus One smartphone running cyanogen, a new update is apparently ready to roll out. Reposts have surfaced indicating that some users have received the notification that a new update for the device is ready to install.
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