Sketches of next-gen OnePlus flagship phone surfaced

Ah, the OnePlus Two. OnePlus' second-generation and now highly-anticipated flagship phone is the talk of gadget town this early because of the company's negative reaction to criticisms a couple of weeks ago. Now, everyone wants to see if this smartphone is really better than the first one. We have a few more weeks to know that after the virtual reality global launch of the upcoming Android phone which also recently popped up at Bluetooth SIG and Geekbench 3.

OnePlus 2 pops up at Geekbench 3, Bluetooth SIG

Honestly, we're excited about the impending arrival of the OnePlus 2 simply because we're curious if OnePlus' response to criticisms a couples of weeks ago is valid. The company told us that the next flagship will be better so we want to see how it will fare with the competition. OnePlus also said it's going to lose money with every Cardboard which will be used during the virtual reality launch this July so we want to know if this is really worth our time and attention.

Speedy, efficient fingerprint scanner confirmed for the OnePlus 2

When OnePlus revealed that they were going to be using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 on their upcoming flagship smartphone – the OnePlus 2 – they also committed to sort of unveiling the phone feature by feature and element by element. Apart from the processor – which is an “improved” version of the embattled Snapdragon 810, they say – they have also let out that the OnePlus 2 will have a USB Type C port. Now, we get another confirmation – OnePlus’s new phone will have a fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus 2 will feature speedy USB Type C port

OnePlus continues with its part-by-part reveal of its upcoming flagship phone, building up to the unveiling of the OnePlus 2 sometime soon. They recently revealed that the new flagship will indeed be carrying the embattled Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, something that has caused them a bit of irritation. Today they reveal that the new smartphone will be sporting the backward-compatible but much speedier USB Type-C port as its main data connection and charging option.

OnePlus mad about early OnePlus 2 criticisms

I'm not sure how to react here but I think saying they are mad about the rumors and speculations is not a good idea. It's not April Fool's but saying your true feelings to fans and potential customers probably won't do the brand any good. You see, the OnePlus team recently posted a quick note on its website about its feelings on rumors going around.

Improved version of Snapdragon 810 to appear on OnePlus 2

OnePlus has decided to reveal what internal specs they put on their upcoming flagship – the OnePlus 2 – “piece by piece”. Today, OnePlus starts with the confirmation that it is indeed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 that will power the new flagship smartphone, the same one that has been plagued with rumors of overheating. OnePlus also assures us that it has dealt with that recurring issue.

OnePlus: CM12.1 out soon, OxygenOS update after OnePlus 2 launch

OnePlus just gave us a peek on how they’re shaping up in terms of software these days. The short version is that CyanogenMod 12.1 – which is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop – is now in the final stages of being certified by Google, so that should be out pretty soon. It’s a different story for OxygenOS, OnePlus’s homebrew Android OS that is confirmed to be the OS for the upcoming OnePlus 2. Read on.
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