What the OnePlus 2 DOESN’T have, and why that matters

Ok, so the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak. The OnePlus 2 – made by the same guys who made the OnePlus One (haha) – is out in the open, the pricing is out in the open as well, and we had a short time to go hands on with it. It is by far, the most ridiculous piece of smartphone hardware you can get for a price range that starts at around USD$329. But that for that price, you will have to let go of some creature comforts – like NFC, a fast charging feature, and a wireless charging feature. Is that going to be ok for you?

OnePlus 2 price unveiled; pop-up events worldwide on July 31

Riding on the wave of publicity (hopefully good) that they are getting due to the release of their “flagship killer”, OnePlus revealed today the pricing for their brand new OnePlus 2 in several markets, including the US and several European and Asian countries. They also announced that they will be having several pop-up events this coming July 31 in various major cities, not just in the US, but even in India, Thailand, and several more countries in Europe.

OnePlus to host pop-up events in different cities around the world

And so the OnePlus 2 is finally out. We didn't get to "attend" the virtual reality launch but we've got our hands-on the new flagship killer. Well, we're not quite convinced that it's a killer but OnePlus is very proud of this smartphone. The company has been through a lot the past years so you can say that OnePlus now deserves our attention and respect. Personally, I still have mixed feelings about the new Oneplus 2 but glad the OnePlus team is ready to convince the people by sending out invitations to hang out with them.

OnePlus 2: Hands-on with a new flagship killer

The disadvantage to setting the bar high is that you yourself might have trouble outdoing your own masterpiece. That definitely was the challenge facing OnePlus as it made plans to put out the OnePlus 2, which it self-dubs as the 2016 flagship killer. Now that the cat is fully out of the bag, we take a cursory peek at what the OnePlus 2 really has to offer. Does it succeed in never settling for anything less? Like many of life's serious questions, the answer isn't as clear cut.

Android Community Weekly Digest: Up Next Edition

Normally our Weekly Digest covers some of the most interesting news, events, and apps of the week. While the past days have had a few noteworthy bits and pieces, they pale in comparison to what we're looking forward to this coming week. In just the first two days alone, we'll be gazing at two or maybe even three high profile smartphones. The rather ambitious, if not almost presumptuous, OmePlus 2 will be unveiled at an equally ambitious VR event on Monday. Then on Tuesday, Motorola will finally be putting all Moto G, and perhaps even Moto X, rumors to rest.

OnePlus releases app, reservation list, for pre-launch of OnePlus 2

In two days, OnePlus will finally be launching the much-anticipated second device from their line, the OnePlus 2. But before that big day, the Chinese smartphone maker has released a few things already, including the app for the launch and the reservation list for the invites (purchasing is still on a per invite basis). Someone (and we’re not saying it’s OnePlus) has also leaked a supposed AnTuTu test on the new smartphone, although the results may not be as great as expected.

OnePlus 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 camera comparison images released

We’re still a few days away from the rumored announcement of the OnePlus 2, but the hype machine seems to be at work already. After some camera details and a review were leaked by a YouTuber who probably received an advanced copy of the device, now we have images comparing the camera prowess of the new flagship from the Chinese brand to that of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and it looks like the bigger megapixels doesn’t always guarantee the best quality.
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