OnePlus reportedly working on a drone (or not)

That "unspecified new product" that OnePlus has been teasing us these past few weeks may not be at all what we expected. While their ongoing hashtag #OneGameChanger has led us to believe that they might be coming out with a game console of some sort, recent comments made during an AMA Reddit session has people speculating that they might be developing, of all things, a drone.

What do you think is OnePlus’ #OneGameChanger?

OnePlus is a relatively new player in the smartphone market, but they believe they are first and foremost a technology company. Their OnePlus One has met with great reviews but mixed success, mostly due to its unusual way of marketing and distribution. Now they're going a different route once again as they tease the public about the next product that they're releasing through some "clues" that they've posted on their website's forum.

OnePlus to implement new pricing scheme in light of Euro instability

OnePlus said they have tried their best not to be affected by the ongoing instability of the Euro, despite other companies raising their gadget prices to adjust to the volatile market. But as they explained in their press release, their "razor-thin margins" are turning into 0 margins, which is not good for any business. So by March 25, they have no choice but to adjust their prices for the OnePlus One in the markets that are using the currency.

Cyanogen OS12 to have App Themer, paid themes

Cyanogen OS12 hasn't arrived yet for the OnePlus One devices (and any other smartphones/tablets that will be carrying it) but it doesn't mean we can't have a preview of what to expect from it. Customization seems to be playing a big part in this updated OS, and this time around, they're giving us a peek at something called an App Themer which should make people who love changing themes on their devices a lot really happy.

OnePlus announces Lollipop update official release dates

OnePlus One owners have been anticipating for the official Android 5.0 Lollipop software update to roll out. The company has been working on it and is still promising to bring the latest version of the platform very soon. Sadly, there were some issues that still need to be fixed before the Lollipop is released. For one, there's the OS signing issue which the development team didn't see at first. It has since been resolved before the stability issues on camera module on Lollipop were also noticed.

OnePlus One now officially available in 16 more EU countries

Just a few days ago, OnePlus said that they will be adding 16 more countries to those who will be able to purchase their OnePlus One smartphones and other future products. Now they are officially announcing that those countries from the European Union are now part of their roster, bringing the total number to 35. But just like with the other markets, you will only be able to purchase the device through invite or through their Tuesday 24 hour open sale.

OnePlus to be available in all European Union countries

If you've been a fan of OnePlus and their unique way of marketing their smartphones (by invite only), then it must have been a tad frustrating if you wanted to try it out but you didn't live in a country where it was available. But now, if you live in a European Union country (other than the major ones), your luck is about to change as the Chinese OEM announced they will be expanding their reach to include 16 more countries in Europe.

Photographer 3D prints VR headset for the OnePlus One

With Samsung jumping on the virtual reality (VR) niche with the Gear VR and Galaxy Note 4 combo, and with LG following close behind teaming up with Google Cardboard plus the LG G3 – not to mention the revival of the View-Master in modern VR style – it will not surprise us if the smaller manufacturers make efforts to jump on this market as well. But as OnePlus has yet to jump on the VR bandwagon, photographer Rene Meeh has taken it upon himself to make a VR headset for his OnePlus One, via 3D printing.

CM12S arriving for OnePlus One in March, maybe OxygenOS too

Carl Pei, co-founder of China-based phone manufacturer OnePlus, let it be known through Twitter today that CM12S – that is, the Lollipop version of Cyanogen’s proprietary software for the OnePlus One – may be arriving mid to late March. And with a view to the quite public separation of Cyanogen and OnePlus, he also said that OxygenOS – the company’s self-developed version of Android – may arrive within the same timeline.

16GB OnePlus One in silk white lands in India

OnePlus has announced that the latest version of its OnePlus One has landed in India and it is exclusive to The exclusive device is a 16GB OnePlus One smartphone in silk white color. The white back cover has a soft and smooth texture and is made with materials taken in part from cashew nuts. The smartphone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor under the hood.
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