OnePlus to be available in all European Union countries

If you've been a fan of OnePlus and their unique way of marketing their smartphones (by invite only), then it must have been a tad frustrating if you wanted to try it out but you didn't live in a country where it was available. But now, if you live in a European Union country (other than the major ones), your luck is about to change as the Chinese OEM announced they will be expanding their reach to include 16 more countries in Europe.

Photographer 3D prints VR headset for the OnePlus One

With Samsung jumping on the virtual reality (VR) niche with the Gear VR and Galaxy Note 4 combo, and with LG following close behind teaming up with Google Cardboard plus the LG G3 – not to mention the revival of the View-Master in modern VR style – it will not surprise us if the smaller manufacturers make efforts to jump on this market as well. But as OnePlus has yet to jump on the VR bandwagon, photographer Rene Meeh has taken it upon himself to make a VR headset for his OnePlus One, via 3D printing.

CM12S arriving for OnePlus One in March, maybe OxygenOS too

Carl Pei, co-founder of China-based phone manufacturer OnePlus, let it be known through Twitter today that CM12S – that is, the Lollipop version of Cyanogen’s proprietary software for the OnePlus One – may be arriving mid to late March. And with a view to the quite public separation of Cyanogen and OnePlus, he also said that OxygenOS – the company’s self-developed version of Android – may arrive within the same timeline.

16GB OnePlus One in silk white lands in India

OnePlus has announced that the latest version of its OnePlus One has landed in India and it is exclusive to The exclusive device is a 16GB OnePlus One smartphone in silk white color. The white back cover has a soft and smooth texture and is made with materials taken in part from cashew nuts. The smartphone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor under the hood.

OxygenOS for OnePlus will be closed-source, CyanogenMod reacts

The final line of the story of the ugly breakup between OnePlus and Cyanogen is yet to be written – it’s a very public spat that is now fodder for tech blogs and industry pundits alike. OnePlus is now pushing for what has now been revealed as a closed-source software in OxygenOS as replacement for CyanogenMod (CM), which was the software of choice at the beginning when the OnePlus One smartphone began to ship.

OnePlus OxygenOS team grabs Paranoid Android developers

OnePlus says that it is close to fully revealing the stuff that makes up its new OxygenOS. But before that, it is teasing its fans with a few juicy tidbits, like the core people who will be working on its own custom Android ROM. The startup was able to gather quite an international team of designers and developers, but quite curiously, six out of its eight core members actually come from the core developers of CyanogenMod's biggest ROM rival, Paranoid Android.

OnePlus One’s software gets major OTA update

OnePlus has tried to revolutionize the mobile industry not just by offering an affordable device with high-end specs, but also using CyanogenMod as its native OS. While it still has an Android-based ROM, this also allows users to tinker around with the smartphone's software. And OTA update is now available, and CM 11S brings even more new features (and also fixes) to the device.

OnePlus One to be available in open sales every Tuesday

OnePlus is now slowly letting go of the tight reins that it held onto dearly in the purchasing process for the OnePlus One. The China-based outfit who produced one of the standout devices in 2014 is now making the year-old device available through open sales every Tuesday. Yes, it’s true – every Tuesday, people from all over will be able to buy a for real OnePlus One smartphone.

OnePlus adds SwiftKey keyboard into CyanogenMod 11S

Your Cyanogen-powered OnePlus One is about to get better. Why, OnePlus recently partnered with SwiftKey to bring the popular keyboard app into CyanogenMod 11S. This means OnePlus One users can easily switch to SwiftKey without having to download the app. All you need to do is touch a button on the screen and the SwiftKey functionality will be activated right away.

Last chance to get the OnePlus One “Flagship Killer” [DEALS]

Remember the OnePlus One? You most likely can't forget it, if not for the tons of news and sometimes controversy surrounding it, then for its sweet features and the equally sweet price tag. The invite-only system, however, is pretty much the proverbial wart on the OnePlus One's face. But now you may have your once in a lifetime chance at grabbing the smartphone and for free! But better hurry though because our OnePlus One Giveaway ends today!
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