The OnePlus 7T is about to be overshadowed by its sibling, the newly announced OnePlus 7T Pro 5G. They’re almost the same it doesn’t really matter. The difference in performance may be minimal but for now, we’re more interested in what’s inside. The Chinese OEM redesigned the phone’s rear with a round camera module so we thought there might be a special reason for that. Apparently, it’s really for aesthetics. Some are calling the cam system the Oreo camera because of how it protrudes at the back.

After doing a Scratch, Burn, and Bend Durability Test, Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything made a teardown analysis of the OnePlus 7T. With the latest video, we see a glimpse of how the components are laid out inside particularly the cameras.

After the bend test, the OnePlus 7T is now easier to open with some heat and suction. There is some crack at the back but the phone still worked after the durability test. There is that risk of the camera area being broken easily being a weak point.

Zack Nelson performed the usual teardown steps like removing the screws and pulling out tabs. He noted the robust build of the phone. It’s not at all perfect because there is no microSD card slot for memory expansion. There is also no headphone jack either so many people are disappointed.

Nelson noted the impressive water-resistance even if there is no official IP rating like in the previous model, the OnePlus 7 Pro. Some other highlights discovered inside include a water indicator that turns pink, a lack of optical image stabilization, an abundance of thermal paste, and Lego-style camera connectors.

The phone is well-built. The round camera module design is not really necessary because it doesn’t serve any purpose. Overall, OnePlus did a good job on the phone although we can’t say it’s the best in the market right now.