Much has been said about the upcoming Huawei P20 phones. We’ve spent a number of pages on leaks, speculations, and rumors. We’ve probably seen the real thing already. One thing we’re very sure of, the P20 will have a notch just like Essential Phone, iPhone X, ASUS ZenFone 5, and the upcoming OPPO R15. We understand the decision for the notch because the more popular OEMs are jumping into the bandwagon. Interestingly, we heard Apple may be dropping the notch design and that the next-gen Essential Phone may no longer have a notch.

Note that the decision of the two companies should affect the other brands but they were the first to use the notch design. Others simply followed. Now we’re hearing even Huawei is only using the notch as transition period. The top Chinese OEM said the future plan really is a full bezel display. We’ve been describing screens as almost bezel-less but Huawei wants to totally remove whatever bezel is left.

The notch is important. It brings the front-facing camera while the remaining display can be used to show more alerts, notifications, or icons. At this point, we understand the sense of the notch. We’re just hoping the real bezel-less design will be achieved soon.

VIA: MyDrivers