Never Settle. And that’s what OnePlus is doing all these years–never settling for mediocrity. The Chinese OEM is always busy marketing the new flagship phone offering and updating the software and OS of its older models. OnePlus is one of those few tech companies that keep its promise to release timely updates just like BlackBerry and Nokia. We’ve lost count of how many builds the brand has rolled out the past years but one thing is sure: they are much appreciated. Well, at least, by those who own OnePlus smartphones. We don’t know how many of you are out there but we’re assuming there are hundreds of thousands of you.

The latest update is the OxygenOS 5.1.6 for the new OnePlus 6 that comes with a bunch of bug fixes, new features, and several optimizations for your OnePlus phone. Note this doesn’t contain the patch or fix for the bootloader protection problem but it should be enough to fix the stuff the needs solution.

The changelog shows a number of important changes an improvements in the network, camera, phone, system, and earphone mode. Those stability issues for dual SIM cards have been fixed already. If you live in India, you can now enable idea VoLTE services.

The OxygenOS update delivers Portrait Mode for the front camera. The OnePlus 6 already has this feature for the main camera but it’s only now it’s ready for the selfie cam. Also added is the preview for Light Bokeh effect for the rear cam’s Portrait Mode. This particular update for the selfie camera makes it on par with smartphones with the same selfie portrait mode like the LG G7 ThinQ, ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie Lite, and the OPPO F5. The selfie portrait mode is mainly the bokeh effect that blurs the background and puts a focus on the subject. This brings a nicer-looking portrait taken by the selfie shooter.

The update brings optimized call clarity and smart answer for Bluetooth connectivity. This means when connecting to any Bluetooth gadget, incoming calls can be answered automatically. Other system changes include supported battery percentage in the status bar and the addition of Dual-4G network option in SIM & network settings. You may also notice the improved ringtone volume and sound quality, system stability, as well as, optimized power consumption.

As with similar software updates, the OxygenOS 5.1.6 build is released incrementally. Only a small percentage of OnePlus 6 users may be reached so please be patient. Some new bugs and issues may still be encountered but the OnePlus dev team will appreciate if you share your feedback and report HERE.

We’re crossing our fingers the next round of update will already include the bootloader fix. Let’s just wait and see.