A group of Android developers have joined forces to create OmniROM, a new ROM in a rapidly shifting Android custom ROM scene. With a title such as “open ROM”, this new project sets out to try to occupy a hole recently left by CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod is, without a doubt, the most popular custom ROM for Android, with a strong following and an equally strong list of supported devices. Recently, the core developers have revealed after the fact that they have formed themselves into a company, Cyanogen, Inc. and have also partnered with OPPO to ship with the phone manufacturer’s latest OPPO N1 device. This has ruffled a few feathers and raised questions about the ROM’s future, as well as some conflicts of interests when interacting with the once purely community-based group.

CyanogenMod is, of course, not the only custom ROM around and there are others that also have a large following. But those who want CyanogenMod’s blend of development and openness might find their new home in OmniROM. Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), OmniROM is being spearheaded by Chainfire, the popular developer of the Super SU and Triangle Away tools, Dees_Troy, lead developer of TWRP custom recovery, and XplodedWild, developer of the Focal camera app who withdrew his app from CyanogenMod because of recent events. The project will attempt to take off where CyanogenMod left, with customzations, tweaks, and apps built on top of AOSP. And of course, a focus on the user community.

The developers will also be working on a new open source ROM installer called OmniInstaller, which will simplify the process of installing not just OmniROM but other custom ROMs such as Paranoid Android and AOKP as well. There is no timeline yet when a first release will be made, but so far the only supported devices are currently composed of the Nexus 4, both Nexus 7 models, and the Nexus 10.

VIA: Liliputing