There has been plenty of information coming from the CyanogenMod team over the past weeks and months. We have seen the stable release of CM10.1 (Android 4.2) and also seen the nightly builds of CM10.2 (Android 4.3) recently come available. Not to mention, many new features being teased. But that being said, while may are interested in CyanogenMod — the installation process could be a turn off for some.

The folks at CyanogenMod have always done a decent job of documenting the installation process. PLus, the user community has always been more than helpful. Still, installing CyanogenMod on your handset took some work. Well, flash forward till today and there is some good news coming on that front. In short, the folks at CyanogenMod have announced a “new chapter” and part of that chapter will include “bringing the Cyanogen experience to everyone.”

To that point, the Cyanogen installer will be available in the Play Store sometime in the “coming weeks.” The details on how the setup will work are still on the light side, but there were a few images shared that touches on the process. Aside from the installer coming to the Play Store, this is all coming as Cyanogen has transformed into a company.

As a result of that transition, it was said that will mean the teams capabilities, speed and size has changed. Cyanogen is now a team of 17 with many familiar names taking key roles on the company. For example, Steve Kondik will be CTO and Koushik Dutta will be the VP of Engineering.

Anyway, while we are anxiously awaiting the Play Store installer release, the folks at Cyanogen have shared some goals and have left us with the promise that “exciting times are just ahead.” As for those goals, those are as follows (and also what many current CM users would expect);

  • Organize, lead, and support our community

  • Create amazing user experience centered around how YOU work

  • Security solutions that really work

  • Stay committed to building the features our users need

  • No junk

  • Constant updates

  • Available on everything, to everyone

SOURCE: CyanogenMod


  1. Definitely curious how they will follow through on the “available on everything, to everyone” comment, especially for devices with locked bootloaders, etc.


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