CyanogenMod detailed phase 1 of Nemesis back in late-July and as a result we saw a new camera app called Focal. The app isn’t widely available in CyanogenMod ROMs at this point, however it was available for download for those who were willing to sideload the apk file. But with that in mind, it looks like the Focal camera app has been removed and it is looking like it will remain separate from CyanogenMod moving forward.

Based on details coming from a recent commit message on the CyanogenMod code review site, the developer put in the request to remove the Focal app. The official message talked about issues with the app, however there may be a bit more going on behind the scenes. According to the developer;

“There are a number of issues with this app, and it’s currently not working very well on most devices.”

This commit message was later acknowledged by Steve Kondik who mentions that he talked to the developer (Xplod) “at length about this.” Anyway, Kondik went on to mention that he believes Focal “is a great piece of work with huge potential.” As to that other side of the story, it appears as if there is some tension as a result of the recent CyanogenMod announcement.

That other announcement arrived earlier in the week. Basically, CyanogenMod was formed into a company, took some money as backing and are preparing to move forward with a Play Store release of an installer. Well, that and more, but for now Kondik also touched on how “there’s now this perception that CM is trying to steal his hard work and run with it.”

Bottom line here, it looks like the Focal app has been removed and will remain out of CyanogenMod moving forward. While the app was not quite ready for primetime just yet, it did have some real potential. Not to mention, it provided quite a bit more as compared to the current default camera app found in CM. Anyway, as Focal was a decent app, we would hope to see development continue and it eventually arrive in the Play Store.

VIA: Liliputing, Android Police