We knew the Amazon Alexa is about to get friendly with more devices but we didn’t really expect it would be in good terms Omate. Well, it’s not really a big surprise because the voice service is almost ready with numerous gadgets. We know it has teamed up with the likes of Logitech Harmony, Pebble Core, and Triby among others. More will be added soon and we’re happy to share that the Omate Rise will feature the voice service as a limited edition offering.

The Omate Rise Limited Edition smartwatch with Amazon Alexa Voice Service will be able later this year. It will be up for pre-order beginning September 1 until the 3rd. You may have to wait for three more months before order is delivered because the shipment date listed is December. The device will be available initially for only $199 but will go up to $349 come January next year.

The product was listed on Indiegogo. We featured it last December 2015 and we knew then that the fundraising campaign would be successful. True enough, the team raised $241,753–an amount that is 758% higher than the fund goal. That’s really impressive especially since the campaign was opened for only 48 hours. We noted it as the first standalone smartwatch. What’s notable now is the addition of Alexa which will be ready via a software update over-the-air (OTA).

If you have supported the project on the crowdfunding site, the Omate Rise Beta Tester Edition will also receive the firmware update before 2016 ends. The Omate Rise smartwatch with Amazon Alexa gets smarter than ever with the voice assistant. With the smartwatch, you are free to control other smart home devices and retrieve information whenever you need it.

The Omate Rise Carbon Fiber Limited Edition with Amazon Alexa is an exclusive offer. A special number will be engraved on the nano SIM card back plate starting from 001 to 999. Product will launch on September 1 and only 999 units will be available and will be open for sale for only two days.