Amazon Alexa will soon come to your devices. We learned that Alexa can work with other gadgets like the Nest Learning Thermostat and Triby as the first non-Amazon device to be integrated with Alexa. Next in line is the upcoming Pebble Core which is still a project on Kickstarter.

Pebble Core will be the first to feature the voice service on a 3G-connected wearable.This means it can be used over a mobile network even when there is no WiFi. Those who have sent in their support and donation to bring the Pebble Core to production will be the first ones to try Amazon Alexa next year.

Pebble and Amazon partnering is an indication that the two companies believe in each other. Pebble is one of the frontrunners in the smartwatch industry while Amazon is a top e-commerce and shopping website. The Alexa is fairly a new voice assistant but it has driven Google to release its own Echo. The search giant must have seen the potential of Alexa and so it copied the idea.

Pebble Core integrated with Alexa will make the wearable more powerful than ever as it gets smarter over time. It can play your favorite songs from your favorite artists from iHeartRadio or Amazon Prime Music after sharing the news headlines from The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, or USA Today.

You can also order food, do your shopping, get traffic and weather updates, manage your smart home gadgets, and set reminders or timers with the Pebble Core + Amazon Alexa. You can also view your Pebble Health summary.

The possibilities with Amazon Alexa are endless. This integration is expected to help discover and develop more functions and features. Alexa is currently offered free to devs and device makers, hoping they will be able to make Alexa more interesting.

The Pebble team is still raising funds on Kickstarter. Fund goal is only $1 million but almost $10 million have been raised already with still 27 days to go before the deadline.

SOURCE: Pebble