When Triby first came out in the market last year, the communication device caught the attention of Amazon and the online retail giant invested in the little company that could. And now we know that they were serious in helping to develop that product as it has now become the first non-Amazon device to feature their Alexa voice service, previously only seen in products like Echo, Dot, and Tap, all from Amazon of course.

But now, Triby has incorporated the Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) into the kitchen device that has been used by families (and individuals too) to make it easy to communicate with each other, even remotely. Triby is a voice-activated product so it makes sense that Alexa will work well with it, when it comes to providing music, messaging and communication facilities for the users. You can now get information from Wikipedia, set timers and alarms, add appointments to your calendar, make to do lists, get sports scores, and other skills that you could do with Alexa and now you can do on Triby.

Triby isn’t as complicated as a tablet or a smartphone but it can be just as useful for the family as a communication device that can be appreciated and used by both adults and children. And now adding Alexa’s voice activated powers can make it even more valuable. It is simple to set up and easy to use. You can call someone through the preset buttons and numbers in the device. You can receive calls through it as well and talk through the speaker. You can also receive scribbles, emojis, and good ole messages through the Tribby app you can install on your phone.

You can buy Triby for $199 through Amazon and through its website as well. If you get a new one, Alexa will already be integrated. If you own one already, Alexa will now be there as well.