When the Google Nexus One was officially unveiled nobody mentioned any accessories for the new Android handset. We finally have word from SlashGear’s commenter Chris Roberts that Google’s online documentation for the device tips the arrival of at least one of those accessories.

As you can see on the image above, the Nexus One Help page gives us a clue on the car dock for the Android device. On that site you’ll find the instructions on how to use “Car Home” on the Nexus One even if you don’t have a car dock, which is coming soon. The Car Home icon will open five large buttons (image above) that you can touch to access Maps, Navigation, Voice Search, Contacts, and Search, as well as a Home button.

Meanwhile on Google’s Mobile Help Forum site there’s a question about official Nexus One accessories by Richard J. Barbalace. Ry Guy, a Google employee answered that “The docking stations for Nexus One are not available at this time. Stay tuned though, they should be available soon.” As you can see, that implies that not only one dock (car dock) is coming but the Nexus One Desktop Dock must be on its way too.


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