So we already know, thanks to the FCC, about the Nexus One Desktop Dock with the Model Name CR B410. Which by the way, will have Bluetooth capabilities, now there’s another dock for the Google Nexus One phone passing by the FCC; a Bluetooth car dock.

The funny thing is that this new accessory is described in the FCC document as for the “Google Phone”, instead of Nexus One. Well, it must be a printing error, we don’t know, and we also do not believe that there will be a Google Phone and a Nexus One phone, since everything points out to one Android phone that many have been calling the Gphone or Google Phone.

The FCC document fails to list all of the car dock’s functionality, but some people are guessing that it wil charge the Nexus One and allow for hands-free speakerphone at the same time. There’s also some speculation about the capabilities of this car dock and the wireless streaming of media to some in-car head units. This new accessory shouldn’t come as a surprise, since SEIDIO is already teasing everyone with “the ultimate accessories for the ultimate Android Phone” coming soon.

[Via SlashGear]