In keeping with the weekly Project SHIELD game teasers, NVIDIA is this time showing Riptide GP 2 from the folks at Vector Unit. The release of Riptide GP 2 will arrive as a sequel to the original Riptide GP, however as we have already seen with other Project SHIELD games — it will come with some Tegra 4 related enhancements. In fact, as compared to the original release, NVIDIA has said that Riptide GP 2 will make an “even bigger splash.”

Putting that slightly cheesy teaser line to the side and we have a game that appears to be joining a solid and ever-growing Project SHIELD lineup. Before we mention any of those previous games, lets touch on what you can expect with this one. It was said that the Tegra 4 enhancements will include HDR lighting and boosted reflection shaders as well as enhanced water and particle effects.

Riptide GP 2 will also arrive with an all new spectator mode and of course — full game controller support. You will get an idea of the controls from the video, however it was said that the right trigger is to go, the left trigger can be used to slow down and also go in reverse and the joysticks are used for movement and also for control on the tricks. Basically, what you would expect.

We get a bit of gameplay action in the trailer, so make sure you hit play on the above video. Otherwise, some of the previous games that have been teased include Burn Zombie Burn, Need for Speed and Real Boxing. We also spent some hands-on time with Project SHIELD during CES and you can check that out using this link.

[via NVIDIA Blog]