NVIDIA has returned with another game title that will be released for Project SHIELD. This latest demo is coming out of Mobile World Congress and is showing a game that was formerly available only on the PS3. That game is Burn Zombie Burn and it comes by way of Tick Tock Games. And as we have seen with the other Project SHIELD game teasers — this one will also be optimized for the Tegra 4 processor.

The Tegra 4 optimizations include full console-quality graphics as well as light bloom effects, better fire and flame effects and enhanced explosions. Sounds like a winner. As this was a former PS3 only title, this release will mark the first time it will be available for mobile devices. The key here, as we have seen with these other Project SHIELD game teasers, we have yet to learn a release date.

You can get a bit of a look at the game play in the video sitting below. Some of the points mentioned in the video include some of the weapons that will be available in Burn Zombie Burn. These include a machine gun, shotgun, chainsaw and even a flame thrower. The video also gives a look at the controller, specifically using the left joystick to control the movement and the right joystick to control the aim of the gun. The right trigger will fire the weapon.

From what we can see the game looks pretty good. But as always, these Project SHIELD teasers simply leave us wanting more — which probably means that NVIDIA is doing something right. Still, it will be much nicer when we get some additional details in terms of when we will be able to buy this device and how much we will have to shell out to do so.

[via NVIDIA Blog]


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