Today may have been the big day for HTC and the One (M8), however NVIDIA is doing a pretty good job in terms of SHIELD related announcements. We’ve learned they will be releasing the popular PC title of Portal. Not to mention, SHIELD users will be getting a fairly substantial update in the not too distant future.

Coming along with both of those is word of a price drop. This is not going to be a permanent price drop, but it is one that is expected to last through April. The SHIELD is currently selling for $199, and those who purchase direct from NVIDIA will also get free shipping. Worth noting here, this offer applies for those in the US and Canada.


This price includes the SHIELD along with a USB cable and AC power adapter. Users will also get Sonic 4 Episode II THD and Expendable: Rearmed for free. Of course, those are just two of the many available games. Aside from the recent mention of Portal coming soon, SHIELD users have recently gotten Rochard and R-TYPE II.

Another recent addition to the SHIELD lineup was Mount & Blade: Warband. Then in addition there are the fan favorites such as Dead Trigger 2. Those curious about the SHIELD and looking for more should make sure to hit the Story Timeline sitting below. That and, make sure to keep an eye on the NVIDIA SHIELD tag here on Android Community to stay current.