It’s rare we get completely surprised, but the SHIELD from NVIDIA tends to do the trick. It was a complete shock when it launched as Project SHIELD, and NVIDIA has once again made us take notice of their Android powered handheld. This time, they’ve ported a console game over to the small screen in the form of Portal.

The cult hit Portal is a PC and Xbox game that endeared itself to many with its fun, puzzle layout. You are placed in an environment where you have to craft your way to an exit via various tricks and blasting portals through walls that dump you elsewhere in the environment. If you’ve never played, you should. If you’re not a PC or console gamer, hopefully you have a SHIELD.

Valve has ported Portal (that’s a handful) to SHIELD, but it’s not some bootleg version. What we are getting is the real deal. The game will be released to SHIELD “soon”, though we haven’t yet learned when soon is. This gives SHIELD its first must-have title, and may just end up moving units. We’re not sure if this means Portal 2 is also coming at some point, though.

We’re also not sure if this game will be made available to other Tegra 4 devices. It could end up coming to Android proper, but we doubt that. Valve’s CEO was very boastful of SHIELD being capable of running Portal, saying “NVIDIA has created a very powerful and unique device with SHIELD”. We agree, and anxiously await Portal’s arrival on SHIELD.

Via: SlashGear