Another pair of games has arrived in the TegraZone today. This latest release includes Rochard and Smash Hit, and of course, along with being found in the TegraZone, both will be available by way of the Play Store. Not to mention, both will be taking advantage of the Tegra 4 processor. Rochard requires a game controller, and Smash Hit is touch-only, which seems to suggest we have something for a variety of device owners.



This Rochard release is a PS3 port and is touted as having Tegra 4 optimizations to include “DXT5 compressed textures, PCF shadows and multiple pixel lights.” Perhaps a bit more important for those unfamiliar with this title — Rochard is a side-scroller with “hours of mind-blowing gravity gameplay, puzzle-solving and action.”

Players will journey through the solar system using a G-Lifter, which lets you do everything from change gravity, to change the environment, and also “throw huge crates at your enemies.” This release has been optimized for SHIELD and also marks the first time Rochard has been playable on a mobile device.

A few screenshots can be seen in the gallery sitting below. Rochard can be found using either of the following links; TegraZone or Google Play Store.

Smash Hit


Smash Hit comes courtesy of Mediocre Games, who have released other Tegra-optimized titles such as Sprinkle, Sprinkle Islands and Granny Smith. This is the touch-only game, and along with Tegra 4 devices in general, this should be a good game for those sporting a Tegra Note 7. A few screenshots for Smash Hit can be found just below. Otherwise, Smash Hit can be using either of the following links; TegraZone or Google Play Store.