NVIDIA has got some new stuff for the avid SHIELD fans. Before bringing the Nougat update to the SHIELD Android TV, we learned that the SHIELD Tablet K1 will also be updated soon. We just reviewed the SHIELD 2017 and as early as now, we can say the company will have a good year.

We’re looking forward to the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable 2 and this SHIELD TV Pro that is said to deliver the ultimate 4K HDR streaming. It’s the most advanced streamer commercially available today, complete with impressive software features, games, AI home functions, and an onboard 500GB HD.

The SHIELD TV Pro bears the same design of the original SHIELD. It comes with a microSD card slot so you can still expand the storage capacity. There’s the Plex Media Server where you can access your files from anywhere plus another 500GB HD. It’s your personal storage where you can save, retrieve, and share files easily with colleagues, family, and friends.

The new NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is delivered with the SHIELD Controller and SHIELD Remote. Price remains at $299 but device now has added features and improved specs. You can take advantage of the SHIELD Pro and purchase one from any of the following stores: Micro Center, Newegg, B&H, Fry’s, Amazon, Best Buy, and the NVIDIA Store.

New games will be added to the GeForce NOW library by next week: Deus Ex Human Revolution and Just Cause 2. Other popular titles will soon be added to the library of games such as ‘Sleeping Dogs’ and ‘Hitman: Absolution’.