Nokia is getting ready to release its 2018 flagship. We’ve been saying it’s the Nokia 9 and we’ve actually said many things about the device. It will arrive with an in-display fingerprint sensor, may be ready with Snapdragon 845 processor, may have dual selfie cameras, a large internal memory, and probably no headphone jack. You see, Nokia didn’t release the Nokia 9 last year despite numerous leaks and speculations already but we’re hopeful it will be out this year as another flagship offering.

The Nokia 8 is still a flagship phone and it’s believed to be followed by a Pro variant. The Nokia 9 is now said to feature a notch as with some of the latest premium flagships being released since the Essential Phone and the iPhone X. The notch design is one way to make the most of having a bigger display because the areas on the left and side of the notch can still be used to preview icons, alerts, or notifications.

The Nokia 9 may look more like the Nokia 8 Sirocco but with a notch. We’re crossing our fingers it will boast an in-display fingerprint sensor and an enhanced camera. A Nokia phone with a notch? Why not? The notch definitely has a purpose although we’re scratching our heads as Apple and Essential may no longer use the notch idea in future smartphones.

Apple may be dropping the design while the next-gen Essential Phone may no longer have a notch. As for Huawei, it has yet to release the P20 phones with a notch but it’s planning on a full bezel-less display. The Chinese OEM said the notch is only part of a transition.



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